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With what’s been going on in the world lately, this magazine feels more relevant than ever, yet long overdue. Around two years ago Tino Nyman, who is of a Roma background, persuaded Marina Veziko to make a magazine with him about Roma people in Finland. He had, for a long time, found that mainstream media presented Roma people in a very one-sided and tiresome way, and wanted to shake things up a bit. The idea grew and FEW was born – a magazine focusing on the most discriminated minorities in Finland.

FEW acts as a peephole into the community through the eyes of different individuals. The aim is to create a space for the minorities to tell their stories; not to state any absolute truths, but to offer diverse perspectives and make people interested in discovering more about the subject. For the next publications, our plan is to have a visiting editor for each issue. Someone who is within a specific culture would curate the whole issue with their vision of how to portray their culture.

Discussions about equality are often very political, “serious” and overly intellectual, which might alienate and create counterreactions in some people. In FEW we believe that by presenting issues in a warm, beautiful, and respectable tone of voice that is a bit tongue-in-cheek, the message will hopefully resonate with a larger audience. Framing delicate, serious topics in a more approachable way is therefore important in furthering information reception and sparking new conversations.

So, what to expect? A bunch of fun interviews with various Roma people, a playful initiation to Roma customs, as well as glorious fashion and jewellery editorials, just to name a few. We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know all the lovely personalities you’ll meet in this issue (we certainly have). Exciting photoshoots, heartfelt stories, thought-provoking encounters await. A gigantic thank you to everyone who has been in any way part of making this issue.

Tino & Marina